Body expression, the art of being yourself

by Ludmila Mira Sensevy

Body expression, the art of being yourself

To talk about the importance of the inclusion of Corporal Expression Dance in the training areas at any level, we must first talk about the art and its place within educational institutions today. So I can refer to the value of art in shaping life and the same story of a human being. As it is known, art is a purely human form of transcendence. Man always seeking ways of communication and permanence, always trying to be in some way permeated through his works.

Who performed and were lucky enough to be known for their creations, They are remembered even today. Arguably then, that art is a form of immortality, that does not escape social issues, contexts, times, but at the same time transcends, and some of them back to their eternal and creative artists, that marked a before and after in the history. Given this, I can also add that art is a way that integrates all areas of human life, linking both intellectual and emotional knowledge and amalgam in the same building, so I think art is a way to escape death in its most poetic sense: art closer we are, more likely we are to open other avenues of sense perception of the world and ourselves. Art makes us know and recognize in ourselves and in others.

Here we assume that Corporal Expression Dance has to do with this way of seeing the world, life and form of expression and impression of reality that each subject has, and we are right. this discipline, While considered an artistic language offers the possibility that each person can find new ways of expression through your body, learn to communicate from other meanings that are open to many possibilities because each being is unique and unrepeatable and dance so will.

What you search, roughly, Corporal Expression, It is that each individual can delve into the depths of his being, their essence and their movements are conscious and authentic, and express all your inner world. The importance of the inclusion of this artistic discipline within the formal scope is given by the above factors, since from very young, all we can and should be aware of our own corporeality and its possibilities. Also through this discipline you can be incorporated values ​​that have to do with the physical integrity and care and respect for one's body and that of others.

Another point to consider is that the corporal expression as a holistic discipline, It comes to break with the Western dilemma of fragmentation body- mind, proposing an integrated being, complex and looking for a conscious growing sensitivity. The importance of this point, It is vital in generating institutional changes that can positively affect how students see themselves and see others. If they start to look like a "fully integrated", and to understand the difficulties is to acknowledge and accept oneself, also they understand the complexity of people around.

Nowadays (and unfortunately) in our culture it is assigned less intellectual value to which the linguistic or logical-physical skills math, aside multiple intelligences already known among which is kinesthetic Intelligence or Body. Still and making a comparison with previous decades, Arts Education, specifically Body Expression, He has won an important field that must hold with irrefutable arguments.

But why? Why corporal expression or artistic language must submit as many fundamentals to be taken seriously? Not enough to say that corporal expression generates changes in the way we perceive life, from a place of respect, acceptance and it could be considered one of the most democratic artistic disciplines that have existed?

All that who we are involved and in love with this artistic language seems more than enough, because we live, we experience, we are sorry, with every centimeter of our corporeality. Including corporal expression should be so that everyone can go through those places of experimentation and understanding of their own ways of being and that of others.

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